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Display settings in webmail

Customize your webmail to make it work best for you.

Required: These steps only work in Classic View. If you're in Updated View, select Classic View in the upper-right corner.
Classic View
  1. Sign in to Webmail. Use your Workspace Email address and password (your GoDaddy username and password won't work here).
  2. Select Settings > Display Settings.
    Settings menu with Display Settings below
  3. Go to one of the following tabs, make any changes, and then select OK.
    • Time: Set your time zone and date format, and how often your folders refresh.
    • Viewing: Choose how to display images, set message preview, and change your actions after viewing a message.
    • Composing: Customize how you compose new messages.
    • Calendar: This option is only available if you have a Calendar account. Customize how your events and tasks appear in webmail.
    • Action Bar: Customize which buttons appear in your action bar for easy access.
    • Themes: Change your webmail's color theme.
    • Other: Choose how to delete messages and customize your toolbar.

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