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Submit a new task for WP Premium Support

Requesting a new task from our WP Premium Support Experts is easy. You can choose to skip any call queues and email us directly or, if you prefer, you can call support.

For either of those support methods, you will need to have access to your GoDaddy account information: your customer number and support PIN.

To skip the call queue

Simply copy and paste the below email template and update it with your details.

  1. Copy and paste the below email template into a new email:
    Customer number:[123456789]
    Support PIN:[1234]
    Site URL:[http://www.coolexample.com]
    Instructions for your task:
    - Action: What action did you take?
    - Expectation: What did you expect?
    - Result: What was the actual result?
    - Outcome: What outcome do you want?
    Customization: [Let us know if you have plugin, theme or hosting customization.]
    Attachments: [Make sure to add any needed screenshots or files to your request.]   

    Note: To avoid back and forth clarification emails, be as specific in your request as possible; for example: "Please install the twentyseventeen theme to coolexample.com"

  2. Subject: Service Request.
  3. Address the email to: wpps@godaddy.com.
  4. Verify your info is complete, and send the email.

Calling us for support

Our support agents will be asking questions that are specific about the task you're requesting.

  1. Be ready with the following information:
    • Site URL:[http://www.coolexample.com]
    • Instructions for your task.
    • Is there any customization in a plugin or theme we should know about?
    • Make sure to have any needed screenshots or files for your request.
  2. Call support at (480) 463-8824.

Next steps

  • For email requests, don't worry about checking in - we will let you know if we need more information.
  • After we reply, if you don't see the update, clear your browser's cache.
  • We love customer feedback, so if you have ideas, suggestions or recommendations for how we can better serve you - please let us know.

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